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Expert Construction Law Services

Based in Sunrise, Florida, the Law Office of Robert S. Tanner offers comprehensive construction law services for clients throughout South Florida.  Rob Tanner is Board Certified by the Florida Bar in Construction Law and offers the firm’s clients experience, honesty, and aggressive and strategic representation. The firm represents clients in all areas of construction law, including construction liens, defect litigation, payment litigation, and licensing and insurance coverage issues.  Project owners, construction firms, design professionals, and material suppliers have their rights well-protected and can achieve a higher degree of success in the competitive marketplace by working with knowledgeable and skilled legal counsel.  Additionally, the Law Office of Robert S. Tanner offers a variety of pricing structures for legal services in order to best serve clients’ interests.   

Construction Litigation

At the Law Office of Robert S. Tanner, construction law is our exclusive area of practice.  Our experience spans a wide variety of types of projects, including large condominium projects, commercial build-outs involving tenant improvement allowances, public construction projects such as parking garages and courthouses, and residential renovations.  We provide expert advice and guidance during the pre-suit Chapter 558 notice of claim process and represent our clients aggressively in Florida state and federal court litigation and arbitration proceedings.  We have extensive experience litigating construction contract issues, Florida construction liens, private §713.23 payment bonds, §713.24 conditional payment bonds, subcontractor performance and payment bonds, §255.05 public payment bonds, and design and construction defects. 

Liens and Bonds

Florida’s construction lien law applies to the residential homeowner undertaking a $5,000 kitchen renovation just as much as it does to the sophisticated developer building a $30 million hotel.  Failure to comply with the often stringent requirements of the lien law can result in harsh consequences.  Owners may be forced to pay twice due to a failure to obtain lien releases in exchange for payment.  Contractors may lose lien rights by failing to timely give a contractor’s final payment affidavit, and subcontractors and suppliers may lose lien rights because a notice was not timely or properly served.  The lien law presents a host of challenges for all involved. Construction bonds present similar issues.

Make sure you are not exposed to paying double or losing the security and leverage of a lien or bond claim.  The Law Office of Robert S. Tanner will provide you with outstanding representation and help you protect your bottom line. 


Making sure that all aspects of your contractual agreements are in accordance with your best interests can be critical.  Insurance provisions, pay-if-paid conditions precedent, and indemnity clauses can have devastating consequences.  A well-qualified, board certified construction lawyer can identify the risks so you can make an informed decision.  We also draft and deliver contracts customized to suit our clients’ specific circumstances.  

Our Commitment to You

The Law Office of Robert S. Tanner is committed to providing each of its clients with the best legal representation given the particular circumstances and needs. We work with closely with our clients at every step to make sure that your business receives our very best legal advice and the most effective services. Call us today at 754-800-9550 to schedule a consultation. Our Sunrise office is centrally located in the tri-county area, allowing us to provide first rate service as the South Florida Construction law firm of choice.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.